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Types of Injuries in Dallas

At the Law Office of Edward W. Sampson, PC, we protect the rights of injured people. After we take a case, we perform an immediate investigation into the incident and the medical condition of the injured victims.  Sometimes, victims have injuries that will stay with them for the remainder of their life.  These types of injuries are expensive to treat.  One of the most devastating, and expensive injuries is an injury to the brain.

  • Diminished quality of life: A brain injury significantly diminishes the quality of life for both the victim and the family. Brain injuries effect all aspects of a victims life, a worker will not be able to process the complexities of a construction site, and will lose his job.  A brain injury can take away a child’s ability to speak.  Injuries such as these need and deserve compensation.
  • Who pays? We always perform a thorough investigation into the incident and make a determination of who is responsible.  That may be a car insurance policy, a homeowners’ policy, a subcontractors’ insurance policy.  The more serious the injury, the more important it is to establish all responsible parties.
  • A look into the future: We consult with life care planners and economists to gain a full understanding of the victim’s losses and future needs. It takes a large amount of money to provide the needed care and treatment for a brain injury.